Cairns poised for absolute growth

Escaping a cold Melbourne autumn to inspect a new potential co-investing Cairns development opportunity in April of 2021 was a pleasure. As an estate agent I have marketed numerous properties in Cairns over the years and I feel that I am uniquely placed to measure a difference to pre and post covid times 

This time around, whilst there was a definite shortage of backpackers and the charisma that they bring to the street there was certainly no shortage of locals and domestic travellers. In fact, the shopping centres, pools and bars and hotels appear to be running at near full capacity I guess as a result the domestic travel explosion underway since the worst of the pandemicConfirmation of brisk business conditions came from local businesspeople confirmed  my gut feel as it certainly appeared that way.

Then there was the outward display of mega investment with the Dubai based Crystal brook Group having built 3 significant & impressive  hotelsThe council is also expecting a surge in visitors  with a significant street infrastructure construction-programme underway also 

So, there were no real surprises that this city founded in 1876 continues to thrive. Its busy, safe and liveable with all the, professional services and facilities that big cities offer you really need a good reason to want to leave. And of course, the local economy is underwritten with industry which isn’t going anywhere such as mining, tourism from the Daintree & Barrier reef, not to mention all the ingredients you need for consistent food production such as ample water and fertile soils and a port and so close to Asia. Cairns is economically strong and incredibly liveable especially in these work from home times. And for international hotel chains to make such substantial investments here only confirms Cairns development continues to be poised for absolute growth. (19042021) And in addition  to that Cairns likes to see itself at the forefront of sustainable industry. Please see the video link here Future-Proofing Paradise: The Cairns Story

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