How long does an off-market sale take?

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It’s important to remember that, unlike in residential real estate, a commercial off-market sale is not a fire sale. Rather, it’s simply a transaction initiated by the buyer instead of by the seller. Commercial property transactions always take a long time—negotiating, due diligence, finance and settlement are not quick when they’re done right.Off-market sales do, however, save time by eliminating [...]

What’s the advantage of an off-market sale or lease for property owners?

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There are a number of advantages in an off-market sale or lease for the property owner. Because the buyer or tenant is approaching the owner, expensive marketing campaigns and advertising isn’t required. This can save the property owner thousands of dollars, and lots of grief. An off-market sale or lease is usually faster than hunting out the perfect buyer or [...]

What types of companies are looking for property right now?

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If a company is looking for a property, then they know exactly what kind of property they need to buy, lease or develop in order to meet their strategic plans. At Box Commercial, we’re often asked to find the perfect property and negotiate the sale, lease or development deal with the owners—whether the property is currently on the market or [...]

Expression-of-Interest (EOI) campaign

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In an EOI campaign, prospective purchasers have a set period of time to do their due diligence before submitting an offer by the due date. Until then, the offers are sealed so nobody knows what other purchasers are offering. Most often, we find an EOI campaign is the best choice to sell most investment properties. In the early stages of [...]

Off-market campaign

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Sometimes investors, especially but not exclusively companies, don’t want their competitors or the market in general to know what they’re up to. That’s fine. There’s a number of ways this kind of campaign can play out, but a few of the tools that might be considered are valuation reports (so the vendor can be confident of receiving a good price [...]

Auction campaign

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An auction is a terrific choice when absolute transparency is required. Some examples of this are: deceased estates with multiple beneficiaries; marriage or partnership breakdowns; and receivers or bank sales. Auctions work best with the property is reasonably uncomplicated—a simple freehold title, for example, with no business attached. When we recommend an auction campaign, it’s because we think that the [...]

OK, I’m ready to sell my commercial property. Which type of campaign is best?

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Commercial properties are owned by companies, syndicates, families and individuals— and each owner has their own reason for selling. All these owners, though, have one thing in common.When you’re deciding on the best kind of campaign to sell your commercial property, be wary of cookie-cutter approaches, or agencies that try to make you conform with their standard, one-size-fits all approach. [...]

I own a freehold commercial property I’m thinking of selling. Why should I sell my property through Box Commercial?

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At Box Commercial, we do things a little differently. We don’t have flash offices or fancy cars. We’re only interested in helping our vendors find the best possible buyer, because that’s how we find the best possible price. One of the ways we find the best possible buyer is through our unparalleled network of contacts from Rob’s twenty-plus-years’ experience in [...]

Wait, is this part of the ‘shared economy’?

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You could look at it that way. Companies like Uber, Airbnb and Flexicar are tapping into a booming global movement of people who participate together to share a resource. Investments are part of that way of thinking: if we pool our resources, together we can buy better, more secure assets with stronger returns.

What’s so good about participating in investor grouping?

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The old saying: ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ is especially relevant today, in our climate of growing inequality. One of the reasons why the rich get richer is that they can afford to buy better quality investments. Really great property investments, with terrific locations, tenants, and potential, are expensive. I don’t know many people who can [...]

What is group investing?

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Group investing is when a group of people join together to buy an investment—in this case, a property. This isn’t new: friends and family have been pooling their resources to buy property for hundreds of years. There are a number of different types of group investing and some of these, like property syndicates, indirect property trusts and wholesale investment trusts, [...]

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