There are a number of advantages in an off-market sale or lease for the property owner.

Because the buyer or tenant is approaching the owner, expensive marketing campaigns and advertising isn’t required. This can save the property owner thousands of dollars, and lots of grief.

An off-market sale or lease is usually faster than hunting out the perfect buyer or tenant (see below).

An off-market deal has no advertising or board, and fewer inspections so it’s easier to keep confidential—owners or existing tenants sometimes don’t want competitors or neighbours to know the property is up for sale or lease.

An off-market deal can enable more flexibility in the transaction than a normal sale. For example, an owner may decide to co-invest for future profits by putting in the land as contribution to the overall development, and retaining a share of the ownership. We can introduce the right parties to perhaps fund and then construct the property.

And finally, the highest-and-best use for some sites can be complicated deals with multiple owners, tenants and developers. When a retailer takes the initiative to begin negotiations, it can make it easier for other stakeholders to fall into place.

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