By Robert Stanley-Turner

Investors received what amounted to an 14.97% pa return via a small real estate investment trust established to purchase this investment in Mulgrave in 2017. The property was purchased for $21.7M and sold for $27.82M in December 2019 and distributed 8% per annum each year, with distributions every 2 months, with investors getting their initial investment back in 2020.

In other words, an investor who invested an initial $50,000 unit investment, received a year income of $4150 per annum over the term of the investment, and when the property was sold received a return of capital of $62,000. Most investors, invested initial investments of $100,000 and some invested up to $1,000,000

If you would like more information about investing in small reits and syndicates, and or perhaps a copy of the originial investment proposal for this investment, simply click our “ready to invest” button above, requesting same. PS you needed to be qualify as a “wholesale investor” to participate


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