26052024 Car wash operators require around 15 bays or in other words about 150 sqm depending on the site. As a minimum they require 2 bays for washing, 2 for vacuum, and 2 for drying. They are so flexibile as to where they can be situated such a shopping centre car parks or  highway locations adjoining fast food premises. In fact they love being close to gyms also. They tell me that people who look after their bodies are most likley to be the same who look after their cars!. Anyway, their rental budget will need to be between $40k to $300k per annum

2 bays required for washing, 2 for vacuum, 2 for drying and about 8 bays for holding customer cars

Please contact Rob Stanley-Turner at 0418982000 or rob@boxcom.com.au. If you would like to see other requirements we have throughout Australia, please check out Australia’s first sites wanted index here.


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