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South East Queensland’s infrastructure extravaganza

South-East Queensland region looks a compelling place to invest. Up until the 2032 Olympics was announced and awarded to Brisbane, Southeast Queensland and Brisbane City was planning & undergoing an explosive upgrade in infrastructure which included the Cross River Rail Brisbane Airport runway and airport upgrade Green Bridge programme Brisbane Metro Service All of these designed to liberate movement between […]


Highway-fronting property can lock-in extra value


Box Commercial to appear at a Wholesale Investor event – Venture & Capital


Cairns poised for absolute growth


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Welcome to Box Commercial

It’s all about income-generating property.

By Robert Stanley-Turner

Box Commercial Estate Agents offer selected Australasian property investment opportunities with fractionised ownership. Fractionised ownership is an investing structure which splits the ownership of the property into multiples or in other words fractions of the whole. No different to a shareholding in a public company trading on the ASX.  

 Our co-investing page above details our previous projects &  the incredible benefits available to investors. 

The ownership structure are small real estate investment trusts (REITs) or a syndicates and investors co-invest into the structure which owns the actual property. 

When a new property investment is identified as suited for co-investment, we will notify investors the moment it becomes available. Interested investors will then be referred to the investment’s manager.  

Once qualified, investors receive an investing proposal detailing the property being acquired, expected net returns and date to which the property will be later sold, mostly 5-7 years later.  

Each specific property will be acquired for normally 20 or more investors and each investor will contribute differing amounts but normally in-excess of $50,000 for each property.  

In the past, these investments have been located all over Australia and range from Hotels to Office Blocks, Shopping Centres, Warehouses and Homemaker centres.  

 In addition to the easier accessibility to invest, co-investing can supply investors with interests in a diverse portfolio of properties in addition to opportunity to compound returns with optional re-investment of the rental disbursements. 

 And for those interested in building investments exclusively and outside of fractional ownership we also offer a “future” investment section which offers straight freehold unimproved land for sale. 

Also, one of the emerging opportunities of this time in the 2020’s is the immediate prospects available for generating income on simple unimproved land. In other words, creating investments from land without having to undertake substantial development. 

The surge in the on-line shopping, supply interruptions caused by covid, and sustainable energy industries have added to the demand for storage on simple unimproved or slightly improved land. We detail how this is happening in each of our storage sections above   

In addition to that, there is demand from customers wanting storage where they can also fractionalise, or split into smaller units such as self-storage, shipping container, caravan, boat, or equipment storage. In fact, demand is surging with this and we are keen know operators who can manage this type of fractionised storage as well. 

Anyway, welcome to Box Commercial please call, email or call in to our office to discuss your needs.