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Hamilton Qld, Northshore precinct, investing overview

The redevelopment of the old wharf & site Hamilton is a magnificent example of what can occur when thoughtful urban design creates a precinct which is great to live, work and invest. “Northshore Hamilton” is a Queensland Government inspired redevelopment of 300 hectares of land previously used as a port and facilities. It is now a modern metropolis combining residential, […]


Welcome to Box Commercial – a quick snapshot in what we do.


Brisbane’s & SEQ’s massive makeover is underway


Investors receive distributions of 9.5% per annum approx


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Welcome to Box Commercial

Investing for regular reliable & recurrng income

By Robert Stanley-Turner

Welcome to Box Commercial Estate Agents. 

Our business is offering properties which we see, as being able to supply investors with regular, reliable & recurring income. Some of the property investments offered are available with co-ownership structures.  

Also, we are also keen to help initiate the creation of new investments. We do this, by offering sites, which are ripe for creating new businesses and investments. And along with this we offer information on end-users wanting to lease or license these sites.  

Co-ownership can give investors extraordinary advantages compared with traditional ownership of an investment.  Co-investment is also known as fractionised ownership and splits the ownership of the property into multiples or in other words fractions of the whole, like a shareholding in a public company trading on the ASX. 

The features of fractionised ownership are many, best of all it can provide easy access to prime, quality real estate at the investor’s capacity or desired level of commitment. 

When a new property investment is identified to be acquired for co-investment, we’ll inspect it & if we like it, we’ll notify investors that it is soon to be offered. Interested investors are referred to the investment manager and receive an investing proposal detailing the property being acquired and it detail’s the expected quarterly returns and date to which the property will be later sold. 

Each specific property will be acquired for normally 20 or more investors and each investor will contribute differing amounts but normally in-excess of $50,000 for each property. These investments are located all over Australia and range from Hotels, Shopping Centres, Warehouses and Homemaker centres. Some of the features of these investments are explained on our co-investing page, together with an explanatory embedded video. 

 Sites for future investments  

Alternatively, for those interested in initiating “new” investments our “Land for future investment” section offers unimproved land ready to create new investments and businesses. We have also profiled tenants interested in renting uimproved land, which means you wont have to build something necessarily.  This section is called rent, lease, license or sale ” etc.

And on that note, we see some straightforward opportunities for unimproved land offered by end-users in the business of “storage”. The storage industry is booming and likely to continue to boom, and it offers landowners the ability of creating income-generating property with limited requirement for building infrastructure. Naturally, the sites we offer, can be used by any permittable use, we merely offer storage as a great option for consideration.

In fact, we have a long history of transacting storage investments. Storage investments include self-storage, caravan storage, shipping container storage, battery storage or a mix of all. I first started working with self-storage owners 30 years ago and, storage investments like self-storage have produced some amazing returns over the years. 

Storage businesses combined with property ownership are such a successful combination.  One of the pivotal factors is the fact that the rental is reliable. It is reliable because it was paid by numerous rent payers. In the case of a modern self-storage facility there can be hundreds of storers (rent payers). In an overall sense, it doesn’t matter if a storage unit renter defaults or vacates the unit, there will always be many other rent payers to keep the income flowing.  

 So, whether it’s co-investment which fractionises the ownership of the property or fractionises the rent payers, such as storers in a storage facility, the template is similar. The reliability of the investment is increased because the risk is spread across numerous entities, ie investors or rent payers. 

Anyway, welcome to our company. 

Rob Stanley-Turner

Director, Box Commercial