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South East Queensland’s infrastructure extravaganza

South-East Queensland region looks a compelling place to invest.   Up until the 2032 Olympics was announced and awarded to Brisbane, Southeast Queensland and Brisbane City was planning & undergoing an explosive upgrade in infrastructure which included the 1. Cross River Rail 2.Brisbane Airport runway and airport upgrade 3.Green Bridge programme  4.Brisbane Metro Service.  All of these designed to liberate movement between suburbs previously obstructed by the river.  And now that the 2032 world Olympics has been awarded the expansionary story cranks up again with $5billion estimated to be contributed to […]


Wellcamp South-East Queensland makes for compelling investing


Highway-fronting property can lock-in extra value


Box Commercial to appear at a Wholesale Investor event – Venture & Capital


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Welcome to Box Commercial – This is what we do

Co-investing through syndication can provide terrific returns.

Commercial Property Investments

Box Commercial showcase selected Australasian property investment opportunities for the purposes of stable income return, equity savings, and diversification.

Each specific property will be acquired for 20 or so investors.

When a new property is acquired, we invite investors to co-invest with other investors in a professionally managed property investment. This “co-investment” is also called “property syndication”. Each investor will contribute differing amounts but normally in-excess of $50,000 each for in each property.

Before any money changes hands, all investors receive an investing business plan which details the property being acquired, expected net returns and finalisation date when the investment is sold, and initial funds are expected to be returned. Normal terms are between 5-7 years. The preparation, acquisition, investing plans and invites are prepared by a expert manager who oversees the managing of the investment along the way. These managers are normally known as fund managers.

And here’s the thing, no matter how many experts there are, it is impossible to control factors beyond our control which will affect the return that is ultimately extracted from the investment.

The question then becomes, which property to select in order to achieve this outcome? An impossible question, as we don’t know what the future holds, but we think that diversification of property investment holdings goes a long way to help ensure returns are stable and reliable as possible.  

It is this reason we are keen to offer our investors diversified range of properties of which they contribute a small allocation of investment funds in each property. 

These investments have been located all over Australia and range from Hotels to Office Blocks, Shopping Centres and Warehouses. Investors contribute only a portion of their investing pool in each property with the best feature having the income return to reinvest and compound returns. 

Box Commercial welcomes all new investors. If you would like to be included in our invite list, please contact us for a private consultation.