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Wellcamp Qld (Toowoomba) – Boom town acquisition

Wellcamp, in the heart of south-east Queensland’s booming food bowl, is on fire right now! This fantastic storage and distribution facility (photos above) at 11/57 Heinemann Road has recently been acquired by one of our clients. The property is fully leased to the agri-chemical company Nufarm Australia,  for the storage and distribution of wholesale agri-chemicals. The facility services the major […]


Yatala Qld – Investors out in force for two recently syndicated investments


Morayfield Qld -Taco Bell & United Fuels opens 2 new outlets


Townsville Qld – Warehouse Syndicate leased to Qld Government fills in record time


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Welcome to Box Commercial – This is what we do

Commercial Property Investments & Real Estate Syndications

Box Commercial showcasselected Australasian commercial property investment opportunities for the purposes of income reliability, capital security, and diversification.

Reliable income and appreciating land over the course of ownership is what investors seek. The question of course is, which property to select in order to achieve this outcome.

In addition, the buildings depreciating over time mean that the returns will have to overcome the cost of the building depreciation or at the very least the cost of it regular repair and maintenance along the way.

It is this second point, which particularly attracts us to offering properties which accommodate storage businesses.

A modern self-storage facility requires a very basic building designed for limited human habitation. This serves to reduce maintenance costs ie depreciation. In addition, the income generated is underwritten by multiple rent payers (storer’s) ultimately this provides investors with income reliability. Whereas hardstand storage investment property will have a single tenant on a long term lease (ideally). The property will have minimal buildings and only a hard concrete surface which will require limited maintenance costs.

In simple terms at the point of acquiring, nobody knows what commercial property investment will deliver the best result by the end of the investment term. We do know however, that a regular reliable rental cashflows and modest building depreciation sets up the investor for the best result. In addition, our property syndicate investors can diversify across many investment properties.

Box Commercial welcomes all new investors. Please contact us for a private consultation.