Self Storage Start Up

1551 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield, Melbourne, Vic

Self Storage Facility investment - Fully exposed onto major highway


Self Storage Start Up

 August 2015

Campbellfield warehouse contracted for $4.85 million.

This Cambellfield warehouse was bought for just under $5 million. The warehouse, at 1551 Sydney Rd Cambellfield, is on 20,000 m2 of land and includes an existing building of just under 10,000 m2. The plan to convert the property to a self-storage complex and make it available for investors for syndication. Cambellfield is a mixed industrial/residential suburb 16 kms north of Melbourne’s CBD with CBD, Hume Highway and Tullamarine airport access.

Commenting on the sale, Robert Stanley-Turner from Box Commercial Estate Agents said, ‘A lot of investors would love to have well-located self-storage in their portfolio—but there’s a problem. Namely, the $5 to 8 million dollars that it takes to buy a fully operational quality self-storage complex. They’re very rarely syndicated.’

Melbourne-based Box Commercial consults to property syndicators across Australia, monitors sales and trends in group investments and refers individual investors to investor groups.

Mr Stanley-Turner also said that the future of the self-storage industry continues to look bright.

‘As Australia’s population ages and our residential property bubble continues to force home owners into smaller and smaller premises, our demand for self-storage will only continue to increase,’ Mr Stanley-Turner said. ‘Business, too, are facing pressure from increased property costs and self-storage is often the perfect solution.’




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