Leasing: The new Morayfield Service Centre

By Robert Stanley-Turner. The new Morayfield Service Centre will be opening at the end of 2020. When our clients asked us to come up with an concept to convert their well established prominent but ageing large-format centre into something cutting edge we embraced the opportunity.

We thought a service centre at the front of the site was the solution. The client asked us to prove it and so we came up with some tenants to lease the newley designed centre.  From there the client supported us with plans, concept design ready for presentation to the tenants and finally the town planners to support a council application for development approval.

Voila!The final outcome will soon emerge with the beginning of the construction in early 2020. The new development will feature a new big-branded service station and new US fast-food chain with drive-through. These new retailers will be situated out the front of the existing Anaconda store.

For furthe details about this listing https://boxcom.r6dev.com.au/listings/morayfield-qld-new-highway-retail-investment-da-approval-sought-and-now-approved/