Mulgrave Office investment sale offered compelling returns for syndicate investors

By Robert Stanley-Turner

A Mulgrave property investment purchased in 2017 has recently sold for $27.82M on behalf of its syndicate investors. 

Throughout the term of the investment, investors received around 8% per annum and ultimately $1.20 returned for each $1 they invested. Investors were able to participate in the syndicate from $50,000.

The property was purchased in June 2017 for $21.5M and generated an income of $1.623M which represented an initial yield on purchase of around 8% per annum. The property was sold in December 2019.

The property was offered to wholesale syndicate investors shortly after the property was secured. Investors received a bi-monthly return of over 8% pa and then in addition to this, a hearty capital gain.

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