Securing regular reliable income today from fractionised property investing.

Co-investing with fractionised property offers a compelling alternative to going it alone with ordinary investing.

For over a decade we have been assembling groups of investors with the goal of buying an investment property. Our goal for investing, is to generate regular reliable income.

Investors can participate in these investments for generally a minimum of $50,000, but mostly investments are $150,000 or more. To participate, investors must be certified as “wholesale” or “sophisticated investors” and this certification can be organised through an accountant. There are numerous reasons why we like these investments and we have listed many of the reasons below this section.

As we have been, offering our reviews on fractionised property to be acquired for well over a decade now, the investment holding terms of the original investments are ending and the properties acquired are being sold. This allows us to assess the actual performance of the investment over time. We have posted a few, but you may be interested in seeing one as a sample here

If you think you may be interested in participating, make contact. Our investors receive early notice of a new offer forthcoming, thereafter we inspect the property and write up a report with our opinions and send it on to our investors for their review. If they like the look of it, we’ll refer them to the offeror for detail discussion.



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