Chances are there will be a surge in the the storage of obsolete carbon engined trucks, as freight company electrificafy their trucking fleets

Demand for storage and despatch has boomed with online spending and naturally this means even more trucks being required.. Perhaps this is a similar trend to what happend to the  self-storage industry 30 years ago

Please see below the  growth on online sales over the last few years produced by ABS. Whilst there are no guarantees in life, its hard to imagine that online sales will ever retract and is here to stay.

Pleasingly, I found this chart below, also by ABS. In particular it is worth noting the increase in registration on light, and articulated trucks. New truck registrations in particular have zoomed, with one category up 6% since last year. If this is just another one of the waves created by the on-line revolution, what can we as investors, developer and owners do in order to embrace this industry change.?

Trucks can be stored virtually anywhere and smaller trucks can generate  rentals of $100 per week per unit.  Above is a business in western Melbourne.

Truck storage and parking offer a terrific business opportunity in that the rental income will be fractionalised over numerous rent payers. Also, capital costs of security are fairly modest and the scalability of the business is limited by the land size. And just today.

i noticed an article relating to the electrification of trucks from the industry body which is referenced below.



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