We can lease all  surplus or unloved areas.  Even some of the smallest areas such as an under-used car park like the one we recently leased above in 8 Mile Plains in Brisbane where we and our clients, the owners, leased a partitioned the carpark for truck storage, please see the yellow tipper above. The carpark was attache to an office block and the carpark was underutilised. This site was rented at about $50 per sqm per annum.

Alternatively there may be a small side area such as this one above with the wooden pallets. This space a setback for the building sat inbetween the boundary fence and is great for customers wanting storage and can store things outdoors.

You know we get all kinds of requests, and most times we can satisfy them, even perhaps one day the storage of a mini ship like this one?

Click through to our wanted section here for specific requirements here. Otherwise please contact Rob-Stanley-Turner rob@boxcom.com.au

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