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Wanted Western Sydney NSW metro yard hardstand or site : For container storage & rentals: 550 -800 sqm+

By |2024-04-23T06:55:24+10:0005/03/2024|Sites wanted, Truck storage & Rentals|

  An international warehouse distribution process consultants who's work on line distribution for majors such as Coles, Amazon and Woolworths need temporary space for their 40 foot containers. Each container will be permanent placed for regular access. Containers will not be stacked either. This means that, no heavy load lifting via a folk lift with be required.  Ideally [...]

Wanted Industrial land for storage – Did you know your small unloved areas could bring you $$

By |2024-04-22T18:56:05+10:0001/03/2024|Sites wanted, Truck storage & Rentals|

  We can lease all  surplus or unloved areas.  Even some of the smallest areas such as an under-used car park like the one we recently leased above in 8 Mile Plains in Brisbane where we and our clients, the owners, leased a partitioned the carpark for truck storage, please see the yellow tipper above. The carpark was attache to [...]

Wanted Brisbane Qld metro yard or site on main road: For truck storage & rentals: 1800 sqm

By |2024-04-22T19:09:03+10:0007/11/2022|Sites wanted, Truck storage & Rentals|

Renown truck rental company (not the one pictured, another one) wanting sites of 1800 sqm to rent preferably exposed to major highways throughout Brisbane metro. They are flexible as to whether the rental period is for short or long periods and they can accommodate development clauses in favour of the owner, after a minimum period of 2 years or so. [...]

Metro: Truck Storage

By |2024-04-22T19:09:34+10:0020/01/2022|Truck storage & Rentals|

Chances are there will be a surge in the the storage of obsolete carbon engined trucks, as freight company electrificafy their trucking fleets Demand for storage and despatch has boomed with online spending and naturally this means even more trucks being required.. Perhaps this is a similar trend to what happend to the  self-storage industry 30 years ago Please see [...]

Wanted: sites for caravan & rec vehicle storage – The demographics could say it all.

By |2024-04-22T19:09:35+10:0005/12/2021|Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas, Truck storage & Rentals|

Trends Ageing demographics makes for an interesting future-investment, proposition. From the demographics it looks like the caravan storage industry is in for a bumper time. Over the next 20 years Australians are retiring in considerable numbers. According to the caravan industry association of Australia in their 2020 industry report, “there is a reasonably strong correlation between the percentage of the [...]

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