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Hamilton Qld, Northshore precinct, investing overview

By |2022-07-20T09:07:19+10:0018/07/2022|Case Study, Co-investment, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas|

The redevelopment of the old wharf & site Hamilton is a magnificent example of what can occur when thoughtful urban design creates a precinct which is great to live, work and invest. “Northshore Hamilton” is a Queensland Government inspired redevelopment of 300 hectares of land previously used as a port and facilities. It is now a modern metropolis combining residential, [...]

Brisbane’s & SEQ’s massive makeover is underway

By |2022-07-19T13:03:35+10:0001/06/2022|Case Study, Co-investment, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas|

June 1, 2022  Update   Decisions being made all over the world about now,  will initiate an incredible surge in population to South-East Queensland.   The population surge will result from the abundance of planned infrastructure investment, which just got even more certain with the recent election of a federal labor government who should work more smoothly with the state labor [...]

Investors receive distributions of 9.5% per annum approx

By |2022-07-05T12:20:17+10:0031/05/2022|Co-investment, Co-investment results, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas|

The thing about investments is that regular reliable income can be extracted from a variety of diverse types of properties. When land, building and tenants all co-ordinate together, it can provide a fabulous combination for income generation and equity creation.   In May of 2018, one of the most interesting property investments offered was this investment in Bundaberg. The property [...]

Neighbourhood shopping centre with Woolies in SA gave wholesale investors a 14%+, annual return.

By |2022-07-05T12:20:49+10:0030/05/2022|Case Study, Co-investment, Co-investment results, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas|

Sometimes fund managers decide not to sell the property holdings at the end of the investing term because the property is just too good. This happened to this amazing property in South Australia, where the fund manager, gave investors who wanted to withdraw from the investment the ability to exit and the residual permitted to stay in until the property [...]

Truck Storage: a looming future-investment?

By |2022-07-05T12:22:15+10:0020/01/2022|Case Study, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas, Land wanted|

Disruption is coming to a freight company near you with the electrification of trucking fleets Demand for storage space because of the online spending boom has re-calibrated just about everything in the metropolitan industrial land and building industry. Industrial rentals have surged along with property & building prices as developers supply property for the booming warehouse direct sales. For owners, [...]

Caravan & Rec Vehicle Storage – The demographics could say it all.

By |2022-07-05T12:22:44+10:0005/12/2021|Investments Ideas|

Trends Ageing demographics makes for an interesting future-investment, proposition. From the demographics it looks like the caravan storage industry is in for a bumper time. Over the next 20 years Australians are retiring in considerable numbers. According to the caravan industry association of Australia in their 2020 industry report, “there is a reasonably strong correlation between the percentage of the [...]

World shipping, logistics & container storage in overdrive

By |2022-07-05T12:23:15+10:0017/10/2021|Container Storage, Hardstand, Investing Ideas, Investments Ideas|

The on-line revolution has disrupted traditional supply chains & has created future-investment opportunities. Shipping containers used for export to Australia are in demand! And once the shipping containers arrive, shipping bottlenecks and congestion make it slow to return. In the meantime, whilst a place on the ship for a container is found, the storage of containers is the only solution. [...]

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