Wanted site for servo for major servo operator: 2500-3500 sqm


Site wanted for reknown service station retailer in south-east Melbourne particularly in the suburbs of Clyde and Pakenhan. They require a 2000 sqm .

Petrol or service stations will require a minimum land size of around 2000 sqm approx. and will accommodate a convenience store of 200 sqm approx including a retail canopy of about 565 sqm. They normally leaseback the  developed land and building for 15 years with 4 further terms of 5 years, the rental guide will be circa $350k approx for the land and building. They will buy the land or land lease.. Sometimes, when there is available space, they will require a specialist canopy for truck filling. Sites required will be prominent and accessible and be close to a controlled intersection. The cost to build for a small facility will be around $3 500,000 approx. To see our list of service station  retailers and others wanting additional locations, please click through to our wanted list here

Further details on all end user’s wanting sites nationwide, please check here or  contact Rob-Stanley-Turner rob@boxcom.com.au


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