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Shipping containers stacked in a lot

Shipping containers stacked together

Container storage utilised on boat

Surging demand makes for an interesting container storage proposition.

Shipping containers used for export to Australia are in demand! And once the shipping containers arrive, shipping bottlenecks and congestion make it slow to return. In the meantime, whilst a place on the ship for a container is found, the storage of containers is the only solution.

Container dealers, “Gateway Containers”, report that “shipping lines were hauling vast quantities of full containers to Australia and that ended up leaving us with too many empty shipping containers stacked in places like Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney”.

This whole new demand for online spending has initiated a surge in demand for shipping containers and with-it storage of containers.

In the past, this type of surge in demand has been initiated by major infrastructure spending, such as the Olympics or major urbanisation projects such as what China undertook in the early 2000’s.

And this, is the added opportunity for Australia, not only is on-line ordering here to stay and destined expand with the numerous Infrastructure projects underway such as the Olympic Games, the national Inland Rail, and massive underground rail and road systems in Sydney and Melbourne which can only add to the importation of bulk items.

Fractionalised Storage as an investment

The greatest feature of container storage is the fact that you can have multi rentals from multiple customers. Similar to self-storage.  In addition to that is the added scalability of being able to stack the containers 5-8 high. A standard 40’ x 8’ container will generate around $50 per week. The area required is about 320sqft or 30sqm.  In other words, around $2600 per annum / 30sqm = $86 per sqm of land. And then of course depending upon demand you can potentially have multiple containers stacking. Operating expenses will be substantial though with fork lifts, drivers, security etc, but the opportunities of saleability are enormous

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