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Wellcamp South-East Queensland makes for compelling investing

By |2021-08-02T14:00:51+10:0001/08/2021|#Acquistions, #Storage, #Syndication|

  It's hard not to get excited about the Toowoomba-Wellcamp region. With the Darling Downs food bowl to the east and the  Surat Basin energy sector to the west. In 2025 one of the largest ever infrastructure projects is coming right into Wellcamp. The inland rail will be delivering freight in an out of Toowoomba from Melbourne and [...]

Highway-fronting property can lock-in extra value

By |2021-07-31T15:02:16+10:0002/06/2021|#Acquistions, #Case Study, #Syndication|

Today in  Morayfield, South-East Queensland,  stands this newly built cutting edge highway service centre. We committed Taco Bells & United Petrol to the site to fit alongside the existing Anaconda. Prior to that, stood a 20 year old homemaker centre with showrooms  vacant &  had been available for lease for 2 years. The owners had to demolish half the buildings [...]

Cairns poised for absolute growth

By |2021-04-27T10:17:27+10:0019/04/2021|#Acquistions, #Case Study, #Syndication|

Escaping a cold Melbourne autumn to inspect a new potential co-investing opportunity in  Cairns CBD in April of 2021 was a pleasure. As an estate agent I have marketed numerous properties in Cairns over the years and I feel that I am uniquely placed to measure a difference to pre and post covid times.   This time around, whilst there was a definite shortage of backpackers and the charisma that [...]

Newcastle Review – Mega Logistic & extra-ordinary.

By |2021-04-19T11:24:50+10:0015/04/2021|#Acquistions, #Articles that matter, #Storage, #Syndication|

  With one of Australia’s largest bulk ports and a thriving international airport, Newcastle is also serviced by a rail and road infrastructure with direct links to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the surrounding giant Hunter Valley agricultural and mining regions. This magic  combination of air, rail, road, and sea facilities is rare both nationally and internationally.  So rare, in fact, [...]

Yatala Qld – Investors out in force for two recently syndicated investments

By |2021-04-19T11:59:35+10:0019/11/2020|#Acquistions, #Case Study, #Storage, #Syndication|

By Rob Stanley-Turner 20/06/2020 Box Commercial's investor groups have committed to two large single asset wholesale-investment syndicates. An the unvestor's quick response meant that the syndicate was oversubscribed within days of its opening The first property, a giant 9029 sqm cold room storage & distribution facility in Yatala Queensland was leased for 11 years to a meat wholesaler & distributor. The [...]

Townsville Qld – Warehouse Syndicate leased to Qld Government fills in record time

By |2021-03-25T11:51:01+10:0011/10/2020|#Acquistions, #Case Study, #Storage, #Syndication|

Our investors have pretty straight forward goals. They want investments which produces a stable monthly income and have capital security. Our clients have gone along way to answering that with a lease to the Queensland government for this modern office warehouse facility 21-31 Markwell Place Mount St John (Townsville) The property is leased to the state government of [...]

Squeezing more from your property #3 — Fast Food & Petrol Review

By |2021-03-25T12:43:54+10:0022/04/2020|#Acquistions, #Are you squeezing, #Highway -Retail, #Storage|

By Rob Stanley-Turner: Fast food & petrol retailers are wanting highway-fronting sites for their businesses. The one ingredient they all need is highway fronting sites, all over Australia.  This factor made me think, that you may have a site which I could offer to them. Operators like these are wanting sites like this one in Milton all over [...]

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